This is a system developed in Oracle and Visual Basic 6 for a client who supplies Industrial automation products to various industries in Jamshedpur and Ranchi.

The software covers all areas of the business starting from Quotation to Billing. It takes care of the sales, purchase, accounts, inventory and payroll. It is an integrated system developed in Visual Basic and Oracle.

The system is developed in Visual Basic and Sql Server 7. The system takes care of all the needs of a school from admission to assessment of a student. It covers the accounting needs of the school as well as the payroll system.

The system is developed in Visual Basic and Sql Server 7. This software covers all the needs of a Hotel. It covers room billing , restaurant as well as other facility billing such as Gym, Laundry etc. This is again a completely integrated system with each entry being reflected in the accounts module.

At present two Hotels at Jamshedpur are using this system. One of them is " Tenth Mile Stone " and another one is " Mithi Mirch ".

This is a client server based project developed in Visual Basic as front end and SQL server as back end. Crystal Report 9 is used as reporting tool. It is a completely integrated system. All the needs of a transport organization is covered in this system. The system covers fleet management as well. It allows the user to work down to the profitability of a single consignment, with accounting facility for any given period. It is currently used by organisations who are the main logistics service providers for Tata Steel, Usha Martin Industries, Adhunik Steel and Tata Motors Ltd.

Another type of transport management software that we have developed is for the Chassis Transporters of Tata Motors.

We are the service provider to the association of Transporters of Tata Motors Chassis. We have developed software for 9 out of 10 transporters who are engaged by Tata motors for transportation of Chassis from their Jamshedpur to their various dealers and Regional sales offices. The same software is used by 3 clients at Pune who take care of transportation of chassis from the Pune plant of Tata Motors.

This software is developed for real estate developers building residential and shopping complex. The software maintains a database of all the projects built by the developer. Under each project record is maintained for all the categories and types of residential and shopping units. It tracks each unit's booking and payment details. A payment schedule is generated at the time of booking as per the customer's choice. As per the payment schedules forecast is made for collections in a given period. Interest is charged to the defaulters. Notices and alerts are generated by the system to be provided to the customers. The system has been developed in SQL Server 2000 and Visual Basic. This Software is being used by three major developers in Jamshedpur.

This is a mini banking software. We developed this software for Credit Cooperative Societies. These credit societies have members who deposit a certain amount every month which is called Compulsory deposit. The fund so accumulated is then used for lending out to the members of the society under different schemes and interest rates. Just like a bank, interest is applied to the lent out amount and recovered from the members. We have developed the software in Oracle and Visual Basic. Currently 5 Co-operative societies are using this software.

This software is developed for employees are paid either on an hourly basis or at a set rate. In most countries, employers pay Social Security, taxes, workman's compensation and health benefits pensation for every employee. A portion of these deductibles are also shouldered by employees; and all of these transactions must be recorded for different purposes. Since payroll processing is time-consuming, getting the services of a payroll services company will definitely give a lot of benefits to the company.

Our Payroll Software is using in Narveram Hansh raj School, D.B.M.S School , Narveram Motors and etc.

This software is developed for Housing Society builders Maintaining common areas in an apartment complex or a gated community is a continuous process, and every single individual living in the community should do their part in order to live that dream life of perfection.

Every apartment is expected to have a professional maintenance crew, who will be responsible for keeping the premises clean and green. However, this does not mean that individual responsibility does not count and is not necessary. Residents will need to maintain their exteriors and common amenities well, in order to enjoy the benefits of living in a collective community that looks good, feels good and functions great!

Our Software is been using by Sahara Samay Construction.

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We are the leading software & web development company in jamshedpur. We beleive in quality, customization, flexibility & reliability of the end products which we develop or design for our clients. We design products as per the clients needs and requirements.


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